Start of Online Registration: 01.01.2017

Start of Abstract Submission: 01.03.2017

Deadline of Abstract Submission: 15.10.2017

Abstract Expertise: 01.12.2017

Deadline of Article Submission: 01.03.2018

Article Expertise: 01.05.2018

Plenary Lectures

1. EuroChem as a major sponsor

2. Academician, Professor Nikolay Bornnikov “Modern hydrothermal system at the bottom of the oceans: the mineral and raw material base of the future or unjustified expectations.”

3. Academician, Professor Valentin Chanturiya “Innovative processes of complex and deep processing of mineral raw materials of natural and technogenic origin of Russia.”

4. Dr. John Marsden “Technological Innovation and Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Copper Industry – Real or Imaginary?”

5. Robin Batterham “The future of mining: will in-place recovery ever come of age?”

6. Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture