Start of Online Registration: 01.01.2017

Start of Abstract Submission: 01.03.2017

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 15.10.2017

Abstract Expertise: 01.12.2017

Deadline for Paper Submission: 01.03.2018

Paper Expertise: 01.05.2018

About IMPC 2018 symbol

A malachite lizard with a crown was chosen to be the symbol of the IMPC 2018. According to the legends (ancient tales) of the Ural masters and tales of the great Russian writer P. Bazhov, "Mistress of the Copper Mountain", a keeper of precious rocks and stones, came to the people in the form of a lizard in the crown and showed them where the natural treasures are hidden. Bazhov wrote about this legend in a series of fairy tales: "The Malachite Box", "The Silver Hoof", "The Stone Flower", "The Mistress of the Copper Mountain". His stories are not only interesting and fascinating, a good part of them comprises the knowledge and tales of the Ural masters themselves. Tales and activities of Bazhov had a significant impact on the Ural folklore studies. His books were illustrated by outstanding artists and are translated into dozens of languages.