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О Москве

The International Minerals Processing Congress 2018 will take place in Moscow – the heart of Russia. Moscow is the center of cultural, scientific, political and economic life. The city is said to date back eight-and-a half-centuries, with the first references to it in chronicles from 1147. Russia's most intense human aspirations, be they artistic, religious or political, have found their most passionate expression in Moscow. The reflection of these aspirations can be seen in the beautiful architecture created over several centuries, particularly in Moscow's symbols — the Kremlin, Red Square and St Basil's Cathedral which are must see sights in Moscow. There you can find more than 100 monuments (including famous Monument to Minin and Pozharsky on the Red Square or the "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" which is strongly associated with the Soviet Russia), a lot of cafes and restaurants, more than 50 fascinating parks and about 700 public gardens and boulevards. Present-day Moscow is a fast growing European city that offers modern and historical conference and congress venues, hotels, restaurants, exhibition grounds and places of interest. It is an important transport hub, as well as the political, economic, cultural and scientific center of Russia. The city has 6 airports, 9 railway stations, 3 river ports, as well as a fabulous metro (subway) system with the first stations built in 1935.

  • Territory: 2511 km²
    Population: 12,2 million
    Language: Russian
    Currency: ruble
    Local time: UTC+03:00
    While visiting Moscow you get a perfect chance to touch the soul of the whole Russia!

Transportation in Moscow


Transfers services will be offered for participants during for the whole duration of the event. Group or individual transfers will be available for booking.




3 modern international airports within 30 min drive from Moscow






Public transport

Buses, trams and trolley-buses are all available with the same type of ticket.







Moscow METRO is world-wide famous for its gorgeous stations and high frequency of trains.







Various taxis are available 24/7 in the capital of Russia.