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Ural scientists to present advanced developments at IMPC 2018

July 3, 2018 News
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The International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC) 2018 will serve as a report of sorts on the work performed by Uralmekhanobr and UMMC. Eight reports concerning different areas of mineral processing will be presented to the scientific community at the IMPC, including reports on ore preparation, magnetic and electrical separation, flotation, hydrometallurgy, and pyrometallurgy. Theoretical developments should include the following reports on ore preparation:

– a report by General Director and doctor of engineering science K.V. Bulatov and doctor of engineering science G.I. Gazaleyeva, who will present a new method for assessing the selectivity of disintegration processes using modern technological mineralogy methods;

– a report by the young specialist S.P. Yelnikova on the “layered” modelling of modern crushing processes.

Doctor of engineering science N.V. Shikhov will present an interesting summary report that details the feasibility of utilizing non-traditional methods of electrical separation for virtually any kind of raw material: titanomagnetites, gold ores, non-ferrous and rare metal ores as well as non-metallic and manmade raw materials, among other things.

Doctor of engineering science S.V. Mamonov will demonstrate the results of a new integrated flotation and magnetic circuit for the processing of “cuprous magnetites” in terms of its practical implementation. The technology allows for obtaining high-quality copper and iron concentrates, has impressive technological indicators, and has been put into operation at the Svyatogor OJSC (UMMC) enrichment plant.

The metallization process is one of the modern methods for preparing concentrates for melting. Doctor of engineering science Y.V. Bratygin will present a report at the IMPC 2018 on research into the process of metallizing titanium-containing raw materials – ilmenite concentrate.

The reports presented by Uralmekhanobr at the IMPC cover a broad range of themes due to UMMC’s policy with respect to the company’s scientific centres. In addition to Uralmekhanobr OJSC, UMMC has 4 research centres, including the unique UMMC TU corporate technical university, the only one of its kind in Russia. Uralmekhanobr scientists conduct a lot of research jointly with UMMC.

Uralmekhanobr OJSC along with UMMC TU has launched a modern continuous flotation unit that operates based on the Cetco automated line, which tests process designs for processing existing and future ores of UMMC Holding enterprises.

The Uralmekhanobr Research and Design Institute for the Mechanical Processing and Enrichment of Minerals was established in 1929.

The institute implements national priorities for the creation of new technologies and projects in the mining, enrichment, and processing of minerals. In 1979, the institute’s staff was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour for a project that aimed to process titanomagnetite ores that was implemented at an existing enterprise – Kachkanarsky Mining and Enrichment Plant. This project still has no analogues to this day.

The new stage of Uralmekhanobr’s development is due to its joining the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company structure in 2000. The company granted the institute a new status and created new opportunities. The most modern laboratory equipment and computer programs were purchased, while mining and metallurgical focuses were created in designing.

The institute’s scientists devote a great deal of attention to environmental problems, namely the processing of man-caused waste. In addition to slag, studies were carried out on waste from the enrichment plants of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and the company Kazchrome (Kazakhstan). All these developments are being successfully introduced. The entire scientific focus at UMMC is headed by the company’s technical director, Doctor of Engineering Science A.M. Panshin. He is the one who encourages scientists to work in various fields and with different types of raw materials since UMMC has long-term prospects in the mining, enrichment, and processing of minerals.